The Crème de la Crème from 2010

Here's a roundup of my favorite shots from the year...
Diane Pernet from A Shaded View of Fashion

Benjamin Bradshaw of Sisterman Vintage


  1. I love love love your photo of Diane! And what a gorgeous photo of Ben. I've told him this before - he has such a great model-esque facial bone structure!

  2. Hi! Whoa, i am LOVING your blog! It is really cool, all your pics, I mean :)

    How long have you been doing this?

    Justina from A bent piece of wire


  3. Thanks guys! Ben is one attractive sisterman, that is for sure. Justina, to answer your question, I have been doing this blog for about 6 months now, but I have been obsessed with fashion and style for as long as I can remember. I started taking photos when I was about your age. I am constantly striving to be better!

  4. Awesome street style! Very inspiring.

    Thank you so much for your comment.


  5. Your blog is so terrific for a born-and-bred Chicagoan to find at long last. I'm near tears looking at my peeps do their fashion thing on the street and trying to determine your location. Definitely recognize Field's. And the bank building. (forgot the name of the bank tho') But the final image is my fav. Absolutely love her style.
    New fan over here!

  6. I mainly shoot in the Gold Coast, River North, Loop, Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village and Bucktown.

    Thanks for all the love everyone!!!! You guys are too kind.


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