The Gaudy God Channels Black Beard and Vivian Westwood

Matt Kasin (aka The Gaudy God) takes a break from drinking Mimosas to pose for me on the street. Matt designed a fabulous window display for "Nacho Your Grannies Panties, an in-shop vintage shopping party hosted by Eskell with Kokorokoko & Chicago Chitown Vintage. The party continues tomorrow from 12-5.


  1. Great photo of one of Chicago's most beloved fashionistas! I particularly love the composition of this shot.

    The ship motif on Matt's sweater is repeated throughout this image in several ways. How you angled the shot makes it look like he's standing on a ship slightly tilting as it rides across a wave. I can visualize the streetlamp behind him as a sort of mast as well, with a snowflake for a sail. His prison-stripe socks remind the historian in me of the English convict exodus across the oceans to Australia a few centuries ago.

    Another spectacular, expertly-composed, high resolution image from Tres Awesome!



  2. Thanks Amy!!!!! You are too kind....

  3. Nice site, indeed the picture is quite good, but I think that maybe with another haircut it would look better.


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