The Most Stylish People at Pitchfork Music Festival 2015

The sun has set on another Pitchfork Music Festival and a couple of things are clear. The 90's are back in full force, with Sleater Kinney headlining on Saturday and enough people in doc martens to outfit a small army. And despite the rain and mud people brough their sartorial A-Game. So without further ado I give you the most stylish folks from Union Park this weekend.

This hat is everything.

One of the highlights of the fest for me was seeing my darling friend Isa Giallorenzo, founder of the street style blog Chicago Looks positively glowing. This is one of my favorite images I've ever taken of her (there have been many, here and here)

Alison Fraker is bringing is all bright and shiny between her metallic birkenstocks and mirror shades.

This look is quintessential Riot Girl get-up from the 90s with some modern updates of course. The metallic docs are squarely from the here and now.

Darling Kristen Kaza of No Small Plans Productions always kills the style game. Love the fan!

Ratko Radojcic photographer for Chicago Magazine brings true meaning to the phrase "they would look amazing even in sack cloth".

Alicia Gutierrez deserves a goddamn award for wearing heels to this festival. Conditions were not ideal, but once a lady always a lady, especially when it comes to footwear.

These ladies! They're sisters and are wearing enough swag to fill an issue of teen vouge.

There's no more appropriate time to bust out the LP purse than a music festival.

Michael Cera earring alert!

Love Letesha Renee's whole vibe, from the visor to the braids to the romper that she made herself. Nicely done. Check out more of her collection at EugeneTaylorBrand.com

Good times this weekend, till next year Pitchfork!


  1. The first girl is amazing.

  2. Emma: YOU. RULE. I'm so psyched now I have this amazing photo of me pregnant. Thank you! Love seeing you too! <3

  3. Hey I had a photo taken of me by Scott on Friday, could you possibly email me the image? I had red high waisted Japanese pants, red shades and white/clear flatforms. Cassadee.chase@gmail.com

    1. Sure thing! I'll be posting them to facebook later today!

  4. The yellow jumpsuit is cooool.


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