Mamby Music Festival Style

The Mamby on the Beach Music Festival was this weekend at Oakwood Beach. Hands down Chicago's best new fest. The park was beautiful, clean with tons of cool art and activities scattered around the grounds. The bands were cool and dancey without veering into the EDM category and the people were chill, kind and fun! Also perhaps most importantly as far as this blog is concerned it was a pretty damn fashionable group of people.

Emily looks incredible in what appears to be a child's vintage poncho. LOVE THIS LOOK.

Eric's tropical shirt and goth demeanor are a beautiful combo. He plays synths in the band Glass Lux who played the fest on day 2.

Alice looks like she stepped out of a goddamn Archie comic, that is if Betty or Veronica had red hair. Love this beach worthy ode to cuteness.

You can never go wrong with all black or mini buns.

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