Pitchfork Music Festival - Bright and Beautiful

Music festivals are my favorite place to shoot street style. Everyone is dressed extra kooky, people are in a great mood, and the soundtrack is amazing. Here are some of the fine examples I found of ladies who aren't afraid of a little color...

How cool are Deena Predic's crocheted shorts?! Totally unpredictable! Sorry I couldn't help myself ;)

I was standing in line to shoot in the pit for Ty Seagul when I saw this vision straight-outta-Beverly Hills circa 1988 sauntering across the field. Of course it turns out to be the lovely Whitney Middleton of the very cool personal style blog Whitney Abmition Although you can't see it here she is wearing the most outrageously cool jewelery which I will be posting very soon.

This little lady must have the internal temperature of a Polar Bear because it was HOT HOT HOT HOT at the fest on Saturday. That being said she looks cool as a cucumber here in her black pants and boots.

I'm a real sucker for some jean on jean action and this woman does not dissapoint.

And the rainbo brite award goes to this lovely lady. Definitely the most colorful of the fest.


  1. Honored to be on your site! Blushing from your kind words. And I'm totally obsessed with Deena's crocheted shorts!

  2. Oh my crochet shorts! raise your hand if you used to make stuff like that out of your Nana's blankets when you were a kid!!

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