Pitchfork Music Festival - Rock Star Sunnies

If you think that Claire Van Eijk is gearing up to teach a jazzercize class in these Karen Walker shades, your dead wrong. She's about to go shake a major tail feather as one of Grimes back up dancers.

Both Grimes and God Speed You Black Emperor headlined the festival on Saturday. With Grimes ripping it up on the small stage and God Speed putting everyone to sleep on the big stage.  God Speed are lovely but are no headliner. To make matters worse they didn't turn on one light on their stage. They just played all of their sad music in the dark as everyone from the festival kind of just dispersed. Pitchfork should have pulled a switcheroo and given the big stage to Grimes and made Saturday night what it should have been, a P.A.R.T.Y!

I love Michelle Ishikawa's crazy stained glass sunglasses, add some chopsticks to the mix and you've got one stylish meal.

This woman was having one of those frustrating "WHERE ARE YOU?!" festival conversations with a friend via cell phone, when I approached her for a photo. You can tell she's still lil' peeved, but still looks lovely in these amazing vintage sunglasses.

Love me some wood grain. Roline Im looks great in these frames from Proof.

Fabulous Mel Muoio looks fantastic (per usual) all decked out for the Nellcote Pitchfork Pre-Party. Chris Baio from Vampire Weekend DJ'd. Nuff said.

Also, I'd like to point out the fact that 2 out of 5 of my favorite sunglasses shots from the fest are Karen Walker Just goes to show she truly ROCKS.

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