Chicago Street Fashion - Millenium Park

Today I attended an over-the-top (and incredibly well produced) marketing event from Express at Millennium park. They set up a huge catwalk right in front of the Bean (or clouds gate as Anish Kapoor likes to call it) with the city of Chicago as the back drop. It was a big affair that was packed with people and presided over by the CEO of Express (a man with flowing white hair in an Italian suit) and one of the winners from Americas Next Top Model. While she has not turned out to actually be a top model, she was very nice and supportive of the young fans that came out to see her. Major points to Express for the luxe goodies in the gift bag. I will be instagramming them immediately. :)

Even with all that hoopla, the best style I saw in the park today was on this young lady, a makeup artist working behind the scenes at the show. She's able to make this most basic of outfits interesting and fresh, and those BRAIDS are out-of-sight!


  1. i love that over size tee, u can never go wrong with over size tee and cool jeans :)


  2. love the simple and clean! i miss the coolest stuff DX!

  3. Absolutely LOVE! I am thinking of doing ombre tips over my black hair too. Hmmm!

    1. Do it!!!! Also can't wait to see you tomorrow. xoxoxo

    2. Me too sweets! See you so soon! <3


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