Chicago Street Fashion - Dope

Vic Lloyd is the creative director at  Leaders, the best source for men's streetwear in Chicago. If you haven't already checked it out, go IMMEDIDATELY. Leaders is located at 672 N. Wells in River North.


  1. This dude is beyond lame as is leaders! With the exception of a few hats, they carry merchandise that is beyond lame and not for anyone over the age if 18. Also customer service there is a joke. Talk to me when this place carries real cutting egde brands like Visvism, Junya, Sacai, CDG Shirt, common projects, etc.)

    1. U sound like a fuckin hater, and ur beyond lame for Writing this in anonymous , shows how lame u are. Ldrs is the only boutique that's been around for 10years let me know when u see another

    2. the carried common projects before and you probably cant even afford vism


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