What the Photographer Wore

I have never had the desire to do a personal style blog. Ok, I take that back. In retrospect my teenage self would have DEFINITELY had a personal style blog. Being the girl that skipped class to go to the thrift store, and thought of it as a point of pride that for my senior year I never wore the same thing twice (crazy town USA). That being said, I think it's kind of fun to see what the person behind the camera is wearing. So without further ado I give you this photo.

I wore this outfit all weekend. Which is very not in keeping with my high school one-and-done mantra. Here I am on my way to capture some sweet street styles over at the The 6th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market My lovely boyfriend Scott was nice enough to help me out with some fancy camera work.

I just dyed my hair bleach blonde (kind of by accident). My dress is funnily enough from the same Goodwill in South Bend Indiana I used to frequent back in the day. My bag is Marc Jacobs and my boots are Cole Haan. Although you can't see it, I'm wearing the coolest tiny doll house painting pin from a designer called Purple Lime.

Ok, that was relatively painless. See you again in about a month!


  1. Great outfit and I love your blonde hair! Wish I looked this stylish when I'm out hunting streetstyle.

    The Styleseer

  2. Cute dress. I went to the fair as well. Maybe one of these days we'll run into one another.


  3. You look amazing Emma! You definitely need to post more outfit pics.

  4. Thanks guys! Totally appreciate your comments :)

  5. AHHHHHH HAHAHA i can't believe you never wore the same thing twice all of senior year! That is HILARIOUS. I love knowing that about you. Would love to see some of those outfits!

    Love your outfit in the pic! But you didn't tell us who made your jacket?

  6. Yes it's true. Sadly the internet and digital cameras were not in full swing so there is very little documentation. All that fashion, lost to the ages :)

    The jacket is H&M and actually made it's debut at your party at Joey's like three years ago.

  7. you look so great! blonde suits you well.

  8. Love the hair!!! Congrats to you for getting in front of the camera -- I know how hard that is! The dress is gorge and I totally dig the way you paired it with the flat boots. Does this mean we're going to see you on a monthly basis now?? And btw, we have to get together for some holiday cheer!


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