Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity - Art Institute of Chicago

If only every Sunday could be as lovely as the one I had yesterday. It started early with a private tour of the new exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago, Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity which explores the Impressionists painters relationship to the style of the day.

Courtauld Institute Galleries, London 
These are two of the iconic pieces from the show. Above Renoir's Opera Box and below Manet's, The Parisienne show how integral the costumes and clothes are to the overall work of art.

The tour and brunch that followed included some of my favorite people in Chicago, like the lovely Whitney Middleton Gruber of E-Drop Off rocking this AMAZING Great Gatsby look, like it ain't no thang. See more photos that my delightful partner in crime Scott Drasler took on Facebook. 

One of the really cool thing about the exhibit is the way that they juxtapose paitings with the historical garments they reference, like these lovely hats and the beautiful Degas painting The Millinery Shop.

Speaking of hats, our lovely host Jean Paul Brunier of the blog Impressions and Fashion and Alex White of the radical band White Mystery bonded over their chapéus between courses.

Okay can we please talk about this get up that Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant is wearing, inspired by "a spanish funeral".  I think I'm in love.

Swathi Narra co-founder of the incredibly cool fashion company Luxemi is looking fly in this beautiful frock.

Seth Putnam of the The Midwest Style is ready to get down to business with his Field Notes journal. love a man who understands the color wheel enough to make a contrasting color play :)

And finally we have the Mel Muoio looking positively oceanic with her jelly fish dress and vintage sea shell clutch.

This exhibition has been extended through September 29th, but that will be here before you know it, so hurry up and go! Also just because you didn't make it to this fabulous brunch doesn't mean you can't view the exhibition in style. 

The Museum has a program called Saturday Evening Viewings with 4 dates coming up througout August and September with dress up themes like "Flowers in your Hair" and "Sheer and Summery".  Having just seen the show with a festively dressed group of people I highly recommend going this route. 


  1. This exhibit looks so good...gotta go.

  2. Anyone have an idea where I can find that fab jelly dress? Thanks! xo


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