Pantone Color of the Year at New York Fashion Week

In case you haven't heard the very important news, the Pantone color of the year is Emerald Green. As arbitrary as it is to announce one particular color of the year, it's definitely making a splash on the streets. Pantone has been making this annual color proclamation for the past decade based on secretive meetings with the luminaries of the design world.  However, I like to imagine that they un-perforate a bunch of their swatch books, put the contents into an enormous hat and then pluck a random chip out which becomes the color of the year :)

What a gorgeous color pairing, those bright blue pants with that green coat and tie-dyed scarf. She's like a bright tropical fish in the middle of gray new york.

Jena of Chicity Fashion is back with her amazing Jil Sander Leather Lunch Bag Purse 
See the whole outfit a couple of posts down

I love so many things about this woman's look. The white hair, the green wool military pea coat, and the green nails! Très Chic.

Last but not least it's Sabrina from the fashion blog Style on the Hill. Her jacket kind of reminds me of a treasured green vintage leather jacket that was stolen out of a bar when I was in college. I still think about that thing to this day. Her bag is a cool iridescent Proenza Schouler Clutch.


  1. That first image is lovely.

  2. Jena's lunch bag is INSANE!!! <3!!!

  3. Love everything going on in the first photo, amazing!


    1. It's an amazing outfit, that's for sure! xx Emma


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