Converse Well Worn

A couple of days ago Converse sent me a pair of their new Chuck Taylors from the "Well Worn" collection. If a pair of tattered, broken-in sneakers are the sign of a life well lived, these puppies have been having an AMAZING time in the box. They have the perfect amount of wear, with a soft patina on the toe and a soft washed effect on the canvas.

This got me thinking about my first pair of Chucks many moons ago when I was about 15 years old. They were the low top red varietal which my teenage self gleefully took a sharpie to and customized with various sayings and doodles. Sadly no evidence of these masterpieces exist as this is in the dark pre-iphone/digital camera days. But, here is an image of my adult self in my brand new/well worn grey converse, looking very serious ;)

I've also rounded up some of the best Converse street style I've taken over the past 3 years.  These folks are truly wearing it well...


  1. Got to LOVE the chucks!

    Jessica Moazami (aka Fashion Junkie)

  2. I got mad love for my worn out kicks. In S.A we call em 3:5's

  3. Can i post my chuck,too??
    My father bought it from a bargain store and my younger sister was wearing it and passed it to me.. its so cool and comfortable. i always using it whenever we have a dance pratice, or just in regular days with some my skirts..^_^


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