North Coast Music Festival - Toni

Well, the sun has set on yet another North Coast Music Festival, which took place in Union Park over the weekend. 2012 turned out to be a pretty good vintage, even though my GA tickets afforded me no preferential treatment whatsoever. I was forced to use port-a-potties and essentially live like a refugee (even though Tom Petty told me I didn't have too).  Despite these hardships, I managed to capture some pretty fantastic festival style.  Like delightful Toni, all decked out in classic festival mama gear, feathers, head band and all.

Look for my full recap of the fashion, music and style from the North Coast Music Festival throughout the week!


  1. She definitely has the festival outfit down!

    1. Agreed, it's the quintessential fest outfit!

  2. Not for North Coast! Its an electronic festival. I can't see her dancing in a crowd of people tearing off the hem of her maxi dress.


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