Modcloth Goes to New York Fashion Week

While in New York early this month for fashion week I caught up with the lovely Erin of calivintage and the Modcloth video crew.


They asked me what my fashion spirit animal is. I had never given this a moments thought, so I came up with a "Koala bear, cuddly, adorable and a little ferocious." Had I a hot second or two to reflect, I would have revealed that my true style spirit animal is Fran Drescher from the Nanny (humans are animals too, you know!)

I appear alongside a bevy of other adorable fashion bloggers like Olive My Love, All This Happiness, Katie Louise Ford, The Clothes Horse, Agent Lover, Selective Potential, Born in Flames, It Girl Rag Doll, Kennedy Holmes and Rosemud. They all gave cute answers like a bird, a deer, or a cat. Yup, I said a ferocious koala bear. Oh, also if you don't blink you can see me doing my "signature dance move" around 2:33.

Thanks for including me Modcloth! xoxoxoxo


  1. This is a very cute video! But Koalas aren't bears, oh no :) Its just a Koala (I'm from Australia) and this gets hammered into us as kids hehe!

    1. HA, that makes the answer even more ridiculous! Thanks for the heads up.



  2. I like yo dance mooooves...and I love Erin! what a cutie


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