Chicago Street Fashion - Koko and Ashley Drapes

Ashley Scott and Kortnee Quiza (or Koko as she is affectionately known) are without a doubt the most chic friends I have, or probably will ever have. Crazy high praise for crazy cool girls. I bumped into them randomly at the Green Fest in Wicker Park last weekend where Dinosaur Junior was headlining.

Koko runs 7th Market Agency and is a documentarian. Ashely Scott is the fabulous mind and eye behind Drapes. A fantastic accessories line based here in Chicago.

Um, how cute are these Mickey Mouse bandaids?! Koko took a spill last week and scraped up her knee, but as can see here, even her first aid is fly.

Ashley Scott wearing a necklace of her own design. Check out the rest of her line here.


  1. I love Ashley's skirt :) They both look so cool

  2. I luv this! and I luv u:)

  3. Those two are gorgeous!!!!

  4. You know a girl is super cool when she can wear band-aids on her knee and make it look chic! These ladies both look fabulous!


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