Chicago Street Fashion - Cameron Welch

Cameron Welch is a Barrista at Heritage Bicycles General Store. Yes that's right, a bike shop that serves coffee. And not just any old brew, it's Stumptown Coffee people, straight outta Portland OR. The shop is located at 2959 North Lincoln Avenue in Roscoe Village and has a cute outdoor patio where I spotted Cameron just chillin' in this turban like it was no big thang.

I think we can all agree Cameron looks amazing here.  I'm in love with his tribal print and orange/grey color scheme.

What do you suppose Malcolm X is thinking about right now? Probably something HEAVY, or maybe he's wondering why he isn't sporting an amazing turban too.

I'm a sucker for a man in gemstones. Lovin' these rings.

If you haven't already discovered the dopeness that is Heritage Bicycles General Store, go immediately. Get a tune up, have an Americano and order something delicious off the sandwich menu. They also carry all kinds of stylish bike accessories AND really cool clothes, including jackets by Chicago's very own Max Wastler of All Plaidout and Buckshot Sonny's.

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  1. I like his style i won't mind wearing the turban for myself!


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