Sweet Boutique - Haberdash

Zach looks incredible here in his Ray Bans and Gitman Vintage tie. He works at Haberdash on State street which I walk by almost everyday on my way home from work. I've have always been intrigued by the impeccably stylish gents that I've peeped through the window. Alas quittin' time is universally after the sun has set so I've never had a chance to capture the magic.  Finally I decided to pay Haberdash a visit during day light hours a couple of weekends ago and boy am I glad I did.

I LOVE how Zach has cuffed his jeans above these great Alden Indy shoes.

Jason is wearing a hat from Wigéns x Harris Tweed and Woolrich-John Rich & Bros. coat 

Tristan looks like an athlete and a genius at the same time with this Dehen 1920 Haberdash letterman jacket (who's to say it's not from Harvard?!).

These Florsheim shoes are just fabulous. Tristan has replaced the original laces with these nifty yellow varietals. It's a quick and easy way to breath some life into an old pair of dogs.

As you can see there is TONS of great stuff to be found at Haberdash. Lucky for you there are several locations in the city.

River North:
607 N. State  State Street

Old Town:
1350 N. Wells


  1. Zach and Jason's shoes are Alden Indy 405's.

  2. Great looking guys! I especially love Zach's style.

  3. hellllooooooooooooooooooooo nurse! ♥

    zach nearly has the same exact jacket i got my man

  4. Love the looks. Haven't had a chance to stop in at Haberdash, but I definitely will.


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