Chicago Street Style - Gorgeous Ikram Shopgirl

Wowza. I saw this mama from across the street just as the light turned red, trapping me on the other side of the street. Just as I was contemplating making a run for it into head on traffic, she stopped on the corner searching for her lost cell phone. Thank goodness.

Turns out this dear creature works at Ikram, the famed Chicago boutique the New York Times describes as  "not so much a temple of high fashion as a pitching ocean liner captained by your favorite eccentric aunt." You can see the shops red lacquered facade peaking in on the right side of this photo.

This Chicago Street style was captured in the Gold Coast.


  1. What a beautiful beauty!

  2. Wow, her coloring is really stunning.

  3. Looking Good Lyssa, but even more important you are also beautiful on the inside! xoxo

    1. awww that is so sweet, and I have no doubt it's true. She was incredibly nice when we met.


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