Chicago Street Fashion - Pendelton Cape

Sheer unadulterated joy. It's a rare, but welcome bird on the pages of Très Awesome. Not that the people I post here aren't happy, it's just striking a pose and looking giddy just often don't go hand in hand. BTW this is Michelle, and she looks lovely. I found her shopping on Chicago Avenue with a friend. I want her Pendelton cape, badly. 

Michelle is our newest look of the week on facebook. Take a look at her photo on the Très Awesome fan page and click the likey likey button while your at it (smiley face).

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast and originally appeared on Refinery 29


  1. Hi Emma! It was so great to meet you last night and chitchat over dinner! I love your blog and loving this gal's cape!!

  2. Aww thanks. Isn't it awesome. Loved meeting you too. Following pearls and green tea now, BIG TIME!


    Très Awesome


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