Chicago Street Fashion - Buns of Glory

I spotted this woman while riding the bus down Milwaukee Avenue and seriously considered just getting off at whatever stop she did. Luckily we had a common destination and she kindly agreed to pose for a little street style action.

Here's the short of it. Her makeup is stunning, her outfit is perfect, and her hair is glorious. Can you tell I like this look?

I'm really digging the subtle mixture of darks in this ensemble. The navy, dark grey, black and brown all together, with a little pop of red from the bag is lovely. Also noteworthy is the contrasting textures of the over-size white scarf with the fur collar of the coat. Well done lady.

Now back to that beautiful ballerina bun. All you long-locked readers should DEFINITELY try this at home. Heres a nifty tutorial to show you how.

Thanks to Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine at the Beauty Department for letting me post this video!

The aforementioned Chicago street style fashion was captured in Bucktown and originally appeared on  Refinery29


  1. That hair is FAB! such a great tutorial, too!


  2. Seriously, if my hair were long enough I'd be wearing this do right now.


    Très Awesome

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! My hair is now long enough to attempt! LOVE that scarf too!



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