Chicago Street Style: Mary Anne

Mary Anne is my lovely and dear friend. How cool does she look in this outfit?!  She's currently working on her PHD at the University of Washington in Seattle. You know that if she lived in town she would be all over the pages of Très Awesome.
This harmonica necklace sends me over the moon AND it really works. Get your very own at Fred Flare. Ok it's sold out there, but you can get one at Village Square and take it off the ugly beaded necklace and put it on a simple chain. Worth checking out this site for the squirrel playing the harmonica.

I love this rattan wide belt. It looks so beautiful with her full skirt and delicate lace shirt.

Vintage coach is the only way to go. I love her bracelets one of which our friend Alana brought back for us from Thailand. I'm wearing mine as I type this.

This Chicago street style was captured on State Street in the Loop.


  1. That necklace is actually by Erica Weiner and you can get it on her website:

    (i know this because i have one!)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I have one too from Fred Flare :)

  3. I need that tiny harmonica. NOW!

  4. Love the whole Southwestern-esque look, and the harmonica necklace is fabulous :)

    xx Ashlei


  5. Thanks, Emma, that was so fun! You're the best. Lovely photos as always! Hey did I tell you that I found that skirt at a Goodwill for $10?

    Also, your outfit yesterday was truly the stellar one and if I had my own street-style blog you would be ALL over it.


  6. How cute is she. She has style in her side braid and the glasses, the details do matter.



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