Chicago Street Style: Kelli

Kelli looks stunning in this AllSaints dress with her crazy curls. She works at the recently opened All Saints store here in Chicago on Michigan avenue. I fell in love with this dress when I took Kelli's photo  and AllSaints was nice enough to give me one exactly like it. Thanks AllSaints, you guys rule.

This Chicago Street style was captured outside the All Saints Pop Up Shop near Union Park.


  1. Ha, I knew it was AllSaints before i even read it. Love it.

  2. I immediately fell in love with AllSaints before I stepped into the door on July 4th. The interior/design of the place is to drool for and so is this dress. <3

  3. I saw a picture of you in this dress and you looked amazing! So does Kelli!

    I want that dress........

  4. You can totally borrow it! It would look amazing on you.


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