Blogger Spotlight: Audrey Marie of A Lovely Escape

Audrey has a personal style blog called A Lovely Escape, which is just that. A perfect site to check out when you want some style inspiration or to just lose yourself looking at pretty things. She looks smashing here in African neon and bright red lipstick. I ran into her in Wicker Park this weekend walking her adorable black lab Walter. I couldn't help but take a million photos of her I mean look at that outfit!). See more of our mini-shoot on her site.

Audrey is one of those styley girls that can't take a bad photo, naturally she has been on the site before. Take a look at her winter look back in February, looking radiant as ever.


  1. Pretty! Love that dress. She wears it so well. The way that she's styled it, the bold print and colors somehow look subtle.

  2. you are too sweet. i promise i can -and have - taken a bad photo!

    thanks again for the mini-shoot! it was too fun and now i have some great picks of me and my boy walter


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