The Secret Thrift Store Sisterman Vintage

Benjamin Bradshaw is Sister Man Vintage.  His showroom (which doubles as his apartment) is located on a tree lined street in the heart of Lincoln Park, a setting totally incongruous with the wares he peddles.

Sisterman specializes in party clothes inspired by the 80s and 90s. The collection runs the gamut from fabulously trashy to totally wack-a-doodle(to use a technical term). There is a high pant-suit quotient. 

You can buy this amazing hooded back-pack. An innovation that has mysteriously not caught on.

You cannot buy these real miniature bible earrings, because I already scored them. However if you ask nicely, Benjamin may make you another pair.

You can sashay your way to the top of your belly dancing class in one of these hot metallic pieces, or layer them with a tuxedo jacket and hit the town.

I bought so many things and had a truly delightful time with Benjamin. The highlights were this half gold lamé/poly-blend pantsuit, the FABULOUS weird little half shirt and hot pink wool skirt, and the pièce de résistance this egyption print handmade cotton dress with MATCHING HAT(Which I wore to the office today, sans hat sadly)

In short, go to Sisterman Vintage and spice up your wardrobe. 
Email him at SisterManVintage@gmail.com or give him a ring at 772.332.3491

Want to learn more about Sisterman Vintage and Benjamin Bradshaw? 

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Awesome spread in Korean style mag "Cracker Your Wardrobe". Shot by Isa

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Great street snap

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Benjamin's fashion blog

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