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The holidays are fast approaching, and if you're like me, you probably have some discerning fashion divas on your list.  Get them some uniquely trashy and fabulous items from The Gaudy God, run by film/fashion student Matt Kasin.

Kasin runs the The Gaudy God from his apartment in Wicker Park. He is co-hosting a party brilliantly called Drunk Mall next month with fellow underground boutique owner Benjamin Bradshaw of Sister Man Vintage(amongst others). Check out all the details here!

Without a doubt, the best thing that Gaudy God sells are these tank tops with family snapshots from the 80's printed on them. They are evocative and weird, and showcase some pretty spectacular get-ups. Check out all the styles here.

I bought the one entitled "FU Wedding Rehearsal". The Gaudy God's Mom is on the far left in red and white, flippng us the bird. Oddly enough, I used to rock the sweater version of this dress a couple of years ago.

Each tank comes with a story that explains what was happening when the picture was taken.

The GG's Mom just happened to be in town and was kind enough to autograph the tag.

I bought this gorgeous cape thinking it was high quality faux piece. My Mom took one look at it and told me it is Mouton. French for "sheep" it's basically lambskin that has been straightened, treated, and set to produce a moisture repellent finish.  It is incredibly warm! If these boots were the right size I would have definitely snapped them up. They are a size 7 and are still there for the taking.

I have been to The Holy Land several times, but have never seen something as radical as this! Of course I had to have it, and have been wearing it all around the town.

The Gaudy God sometimes wears this full length fur, which there is no mistaking for the real deal.

The original owner had her name embroidered in the lining (is there anything cooler?!).
In addition to his many other talents, Matt also does sexy manicures like the one he is showcasing in the above photo. They are totally affordable and pretty freaking amazing. $12 for a basic mini manicure and $2 per nail for a hand painted design. You can make an appointment at Strange Beauty Show Salon
Be a hero to your friends and family by buying them gifts from The Gaudy God for Christmas/Channukah/KWANZA. Contact Matt at gaudygod@gmail.com and set up an appointment or attend Drunk Mall on December 10th at The Gallery Formerly Known As Happy Dog

Want to learn more about The Gaudy God? He is literally all over the internet!
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