Good Day Chicago - Best and Worst Looks from the 2015 Oscars

I got the chance to chat Oscars Red Carpet fashion this morning on Good Day Chicago with Ryan Beshel, Amy Tara Koch and host Darlene Hill.  Despite Reese Witherspoon's call to #AskHerMore (than what she's wearing) and the cool feminist acceptance speech that Patricia Arquette gave for her role in Boyhood this is basically a discussion of pretty and not so pretty dresses.

Lupita Nyongo took the prize with her 6000 pearls, closely followed by Emma Stone in Eli Saab and Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent.  And the ladies that missed the mark.

And the worst...

Scarlett Johanson would have been wise to leave the Fraggle Rock necklace at home, Chloe Grace Moretz was overly excited about her pockets and beautiful Julianne Moore had a rare mis-step in this Chanel saran wrap and tin foil number.

It's easy to make proclamations about the stars and their dresses while watching the Red Carpet from my couch and making my way through a "family" size bag of cool ranch Doritos.The gals over at ManRepeller ask, what if you had gotten a last minute invitation? What would you wear?

After wiping my hands free of Dorito dust, I would casually lean into my closet and pull out this Valentino Haute Couture confection or this Prabal Gurung sequin long sleeved number. It should be noted that my inability to choose one dress shows how hard this is.  I would also, probably end up on the "Worst Dressed" list with either of these gowns.

All images courtesy of The Cut

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  1. I loved Julianne Moore. Cannot believe she's on your worst list!


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