Coachella Festival Inspiration

ZOMG Coachella is this weekend and next!!! Are you experiencing outfit paralysis?! Well, fear not, because we've rounded up the ghosts of festivals past to give you inspiration on what to rock in the here and now to the mother of all festivals. 

Definitely wear an all white suit like Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle.

Try and work a lobster or two into your outfit. As seen here on Erika Wolfel.

Wear flowers in your hair like this lovely lady.

Go totally floral and wear Balenciaga.

Stripes always look amazing, especially as seen here on the front woman for Beast Patrol.

Wear a flowy robe over your outfit like Shanon O'brien of  Cheap Frills and Thrills.

Try an interesting hair cut like this man.

Wear a jumpsuit. You will always be a winner in a jumpsuit. Pippa White looks incredible in this one.

Wear a fancy backbpack like Jena Gambaccini of ChiCity Fashion

In closing, wear something beautiful/weird/interesting/cool to Coachella. Or in the immortal words of Nirvana, come as you are.

See you in Palm Springs!!!


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