DIY - Denim Floral Crowns with Glossed and Found

To celebrate the glorious arrival of spring (aka festival season) we got crafty with Glossed and Found and did a little DIY Denim Floral Crown video. This DIY denim floral crown is a twist on the classic and is the perfect solution of what to do after you hack off your jeans to make those cool cut offs.

Makeup and beauty whiz Shanon O'Brien of Cheap Frills and Thrills did my hair and makeup and was kind enough to let me snap some pics of her looking GORG in this cute denim floral crown.

Check out how to make your very own DIY denim floral crown in the video below and if we move to fast for you, click the link below for step by step instructions.

Click the link below to get started!

Materials Needed:
Copper Wire
Variety of Silk Flowers and Leaves with wire stems
Variety of Denim Scraps

Tools Needed:

1. Gather your materials. Flat flowers like these runculas work best with this design.

2. Cut denim circles about 1/4" larger than your flowers diameter. Fold circle in half and thread the stem of the flower through the denim circle.

3. Create the base of your crown by wrapping the wire around your head and adding an additional 4-5 inches to twist the ends together and make your loop. Then pick your centerpiece flower with the denim circle and wrap the wired stem around your base. When shopping for flowers make sure to choose only those with wire stems. It makes this project SO much easier :)

4. For my crown I alternated yellow and orange flowers, knowing that orange would really pop off the blue of the denim (they are complimentary colors on the color wheel, thanks 4 years of art school!)

5. I finished my crown with the greenery and leaves that were the stems of my yellow flowers. Since they were also on a wire they were super easy to just twist on.

6. Voila, you have a magical flower crown which can transform you into a wood nymph, or at least make you look like you're ready to rock at Coachella :)

Huge thanks to Glossed and Found for inspiring this little DIY. Take a look at their Spring Fashion issue here.

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