The Best of 2013 - Part 1

It's that time of the year again, a time to reflect on the good the stylish and AMAZING :) Here is the first in a three part series of my favorite images of 2013.

I love this woman's blue and turquoise ensemble from New York Fashion Week.

Luis Torres of the blog Chic Overload looks fabulous here in his Christian Louboutin Rolling Spikes Flats

Gabi Gregg of the fantastic blog Gabi Fresh looks positively divine here in Atelier Azza.

Love this shot I got of Mira Duma outside the shows at New York Fashion Week.

Natalie Suarez from the popular blog Natalie Off Duty is looking festival chic at SXSW

Roma Shah sizzles in Saint Laurent.

Jessica Moazami of the cool blog Addictions of a Fashion Junkie looks fabulous at New York Fashion Week.

Here's the frenzy of street style photographers doing there thing with Carine Roitfeld at New York Fashion Week.

This is actually one of my favorite photos I've ever taken in 2013 and beyond! It's the uber cool couple Kristen Kaza and Molly J. Nye at a party for the premiere of Mad Men last season.

And last but definitely not least is this fine young gentleman just looking marvelous outside the shows at Lincoln Center durning Fashion Week.

Look for Part 2 and 3 of The Best of 2013 in the upcoming week on Très Awesome!

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