Chicago Get's Tagged Benetton Event

You may have noticed my logo has been grafitti-ized...no the site has not been vandalized ;) it's all a part of the Benetton #ChicagoGetsTagged event that is going to be happening this Wednesday October 23rd from 6-8 at their store at the The Shops at North Bridge at 520 N. Michigan Avenue. Come sip cocktails and eat delicious bites while enjoying 20% off the entire store!  Just RSVP to benetton@co-op-pr.com

Also shop my picks on the Benetton site. There is so much cool stuff it was hard to narrow it down to just 3-4 peices.

Here is the full piece of artwork that James Jankowiak created, stripes are his signature!

See you on Wednesday!!!!

1 comment:

  1. This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few Halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their history, acoustics, and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give this place a slight edge.


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