Designer Azeeza Khan

I have taken many, many pictures of my friend, designer Azeeza Khan (the incredible talent behind the fashion line Azeeza ) however this may be my favorite. She is pictured here in her signature Azza scarf, Henry and Belle Super Skinny Jeans and "real glasses".

I heart these Isabel Marant sandals. They are making me overly excited for the upcoming Isabel Marant pour HM.

See some of the many photos I've taken of Azeeza over the years here and here.


  1. Seriously, she looks amazing! Always does. Yep, those shoes are so hot. I agree with you and can't wait for the Isabel Marant pour H&M collaboration. Did you see the sneak peek of the one look on Twitter the other day? It is going to be good. Beth

  2. I adore those glasses :)


  3. Gorgeous! I assume by "real glasses" you mean she actually uses them to see, not for show?


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