Yumi Minamikurosawa at Monique Meloche Gallery

I bumped into Yumi at the Monique Meloche Gallery for a Cities in Dust Trunk Show. We used to work together at the same company but not on the same projects so we didn't really know each other. Then my desk got moved next to hers and I was elated, because OBVIOUSLY we were about to be best friends. Right about then she got a cooler job (of course) at a different company and my dreams of being office besties evaporated. Loved seeing her around town though ;)

Yumi is proving to everyone in the world that yes, you can definitely wear brown with black. Especially if it's Fendi. Love how the setting sun created this lazy haze around the photo.

I've taken Yumi's photo before while we were still working at Leo Burnett together. Check out the photos here.


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