Jennifer of Red Soles and Red Wine

I had brunch last weekend with the delightful Jennifer of Red Soles and Red Wine last weekend at Little Goat here in Chicago. We had a great time gabbing about fashion, blogging and her adorable babe (yes this woman semi-recently gave birth) over a breakfast that included bacon appetizers and dessert.

Jennifer is also the co-founder of T+J Designs, a really cool online jewelery shop and source of all things bling that she runs with her adorable personal style blogging sister I am Style-ish


When I said all things bling I meant it. Like this fabulous and totally affordable stunner.
Photo Care of T+J Designs
Or this hilariously over-the-top iphone case. I feel like you would never have a bad day with this puppy. All you would have to do is take out of your purse and gaze into it's sparkles to instaly lift your mood.

Photo Care of T+J Designs
So many sparkles, so little time. Go check out T+J Designs to get insta-glam!

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