Nokia x LeiVanKash Blogger Challenge

Over the past month I've been working on a project with Nokia and LeiVanKash Jewelry. I, along with a number of other bloggers was asked to capture images with the brand new Nokia Lumia 900 and create a mood board to inspire a new peice of LeiVanKash Jewelry.

I studied painting and drawing in college (thanks to my incredibly generous parental units ;) so I thought this was a great time to get back to my roots as an artist and make some things. I used an ancient german botany book, colored pencils, the photos I took with the Nokia Lumia 900 and a lil thing I like to call photoshop

The creative force behind LeiVanKash Jewellery, Leila Kashanipour, has 5 different lines that we were to draw inspiration from, Persepolios, Damocles, Skullmania, Totem and Flora. I chose the latter because my favorite piece of her collection is this amazing floral ring

The image of the woman with the gorgeous floral crown is the cover of the latest Neimans catalog. So many tempting goodies in that thing...

This is the front door to my apartment. When I saw the floral carvings on the door I knew I wanted to call this place home.

This is a LeiVanKash flora bracelet layered on top of one of my favorite lace blouses.

It took this challenge to make me realize that the Marina Tower buildings that are right across the street from my office resemble the petals of a flower stacked to the sky. 
Tomorrow the Nokia Lumia 900 get's packed up in a box and sent off from whence it came. The best mood boards will be chosen by the designer and Nokia to win all sorts of fabulous prizes, fingers crossed!

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