Andrea Jia Yin Morris of Cocomori

Andrea Jia Yin Morris is the creative force behind the adorable cakepop shop Cocomori. She is a former art director from Leo Burnett where we met several years ago (she is actually one of the early subjects on this blog). However, since Cocomori has taken off she's said Au Revoir to her 9-5 and hasn't looked back since...

We decided to collaborate on a little street style cake pop project where I take pics of Andrea and then she makes cake pops inspired by her outfit. Delicious AND stylish.

This combination of pattern and color is SO cool.

If Willy Wonka were alive today (or ever existed) he would be majorly jealous of everything happening in these photos.

Andrea made these cakepops to represent the shoes she was wearing that day, a really sweet pair of half matte, half shiny leather pumps.  My camera failed to see the beauty and difference between the two blacks, and the detail shots look just like normal black shoes. Even if we did get good shots of the kicks, what these little suckers actually remind me of is Andrea's sweet top-knot bun.

Andrea is hella busy with all kinds of orders, so you may just be lucky enough to get invited to a party where Cocomori pops are being served. However, if you don't want to leave it up to chance special order some on her site right now. She will also be at the holiday edition of Dose Market on December 12th with gift packs of pops for that special someone (hint hint ME!)


  1. i want a cakepop!

    also, i clicked through to the link of the earlier photo you took of her, and that got me looking at some of those photos from the early days of Tres Awesome, and it's AMAZING how your photos have evolved! You've become such a fantastic photographer!

    1. Mary Anne! I know tell me about it. Between my cropping methods and the photos themselves it's like night and day! Love you lady. xoxoxox

  2. Love that dress, she did a great job making it appropriate for winter! Also, those cake pops are pure works of art!


    1. Yeah I wish I would have bought that thing when it was at H&M. She's the queen of cake pops! They taste pretty good too :)

  3. Now this is how you wear a dress over pants.

  4. i love this!
    xo Ditty

    we have some fun fresh fashion, check it out!



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