Chicago Street Style: Jazmine

I ran into  Jazmine this afternoon as she was rushing back to work at Bloomingdale's. She looks striking here with her short blonde hair and black layered ensemble. This is actually the second time Jasmine has appeared on Très Awesome. See her first look here.
The ruffled layers on the back of Jazmine's jacket are rad. I  love her use of texture to spice up this all black outfit.

Jazmine is our featured look on Facebook this week.  Go check out her photo and while your there, like our page.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in the Gold Coast.


  1. Love the textures with the all black. I believe they have to wear all black at Bloomy's so it's great to see her mix it up well.

  2. Nice tidbit! She is really rocking it then!



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