Blogger Spotlight: Melissa of Oh My God Unicorns

Let's just take a moment and drink in the awesomeness that is the title of Melissa's blog. AHHHH, it just feels right. I stumbled upon Melissa's very cool personal style and fashion blog Oh My God Unicorns when Refinery29 did a hair lust piece with local bloggers. I immediately knew I wanted to feature her in my next Blogger Spotlight piece. We met in Wicker Park and I was able to capture these lovely photos right before it started pouring.
I'm so digging this nude Zana Bayne harness, far more than any of the black varietals I've seen sported around town. Also Melissa's 5 part braid is amaze-balls.

I actually forgot to take a close up shot of this incredible ring and so had Melissa send me one. I can't get over how ramshackle yet elegant it is. Find more inspiring and weird nature jewelery at the Gypsy Fox store on Etsy.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Wicker Park.

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  1. her braid is the definition of amaze balls! and i love Gypsy Fox's work!


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