Marc Jacobs Channels Stanley Kubrick

More great sunglasses. This is my way of telling the universe enough is enough with the cold weather already! Todd looks out-of-this-world, or certainly from out-of-town in these Marc Jacobs collection limited edition shades. They are part "Eyes Wide Shut" and part Batman's Robin. I love how the washed out quality of this photograph makes Todd look like he's in London, circa 1966 and he's paused to have his picture taken on his way to lunch with Jean Shrimpton.


  1. OMG I wonder what else this chic daddy is wearing? Is there more????

  2. So being a retard is in?

  3. He was also wearing a Fendi Pony Fur Monogram Bag, but I loved this shot so much I thought it needed to stand on it's own!


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