Let it Snow!

I spotted this lovely lady coming out of the very cool boutique Sarca in the Gold Coast. The over-size buttons on this coat are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE her boots. The fact that she is wearing them while out shopping on the icy street demonstrates a true commitment to fashion. Soldier on sister!

Read the Chicago Streetstyle Scene interview with the owner of Sarca


  1. Those boots are INSANE. What an incredible woman to wear them out in the blizzard.

    Sarca is one of my favorite boutiques in Chicago. I positively adore Alexis Cozzini, the stunningly beautiful and business-savvy owner. Check back to Chicago Streetstyle Scene later this week to read my interview with her!


  2. This boots are terrible! LIKE LIKE LIKE!

  3. If by terrible, you mean awesome than I totally agree with you!

  4. It's so nice! The images are amazing! l like her drees is looking very nice, because the color of dressing and fitting is prefect.


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